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A Patented Fertigation Technology

Our Automatic Landscape Feeder (ALF) is an easy-to-install, affordable solution for dispersing fertilizers or any other liquid or solid product through existing sprinkler irrigation systems. Easily installed in just minutes, the ALF makes hassle-free fertigation possible for all homeowners. 

Innovation in Design

Our revolutionary yet simple design is based on Bernoulli’s Principle which is simply the creation of a lower pressure area by the flow of water in the sprinkler pipe past a discharge nozzle. The fertilizer or liquid slowly and evenly flows into the sprinkler line from a piggy-back devise attached to the pipe.

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ALF vs. In-Ground Units




Even Dispersal


Easy Installation

Low Maintenance

Easy to Use

Easy to Change Chemical

Easy to Remove

ALF Makes It Easy to Reap the Benefits of Fertigation.

  • Increased nutrient absorption by turf and other plant materials.

  • Reduction in fertilizer and chemicals needed.

  • Reduction in water usage.

Fertigation is a “Growing” Market

Fertilizer Consumables by 2018

Source: Freedonia Group – Lawn & Garden Consumables – Demand and Sales Forecasts, Market Share, Market Size, Market Leaders. Study #: 3183, Published: 07/2014.

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