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Fast and Easy Installation

The ALF was designed to be fast and easy to install (and remove) for the ordinary homeowner. By comparison, in-ground units require complicated planning and several man-hours of labor to install. With the ALF, there are no large holes to dig and no pipes to be cut.


  1. Position the template clamp on the sprinkler pipe below the sprinkler valve orientated in the direction you want the unit to face, secure in place with the saddle clamp using two screws and nuts, drill two 1/8” pilot holes through the pipe using the template to locate the holes which insures correct location, spacing and direction.
  2. Remove the template and drill out the two 1/8″ holes to 5/16″.
  3. Place the unit on the sprinkler pipe with the nozzles inserted the holes drilled into the sprinkler pipe, secure in place with either the saddle clamp or the template clamp with six screws and nuts and washers. Tighten snuggly and uniformly so the gap between the unit and the clamp is uniform all around. Do not over tighten.
  4. If the unit is installed on 3/4″ pipe, first place the spacer gasket over the pipe before starting the above installation procedure.

   Installation takes approximately 5-10 minutes.


  1. Determine the square footage covered by each sprinkler station (valve) and fill the unit with the appropriate amount of chemical as directed by the chemical company (for example, if the chemical application is one quart per 1000 square feet and the sprinkler station (valve) covers approximately 750 square feet, use 3 /4 of a quart of chemical [750 sq. ft./1000 sq. ft. = 3 /4]
  2. Screw on the filler cap tightly.  Do not over tighten so that removal of the cap for the next application is difficult).  The unit will automatically mix and dispense the chemical through the sprinklers when the sprinkler valve is next turned on.


Should a unit need to be replaced or removed, simply unscrew the six retaining screws, remove the unit and install the saddle clamp with the sealing gasket over the holes in the sprinkler pipe, secure in place with the template clamp and the screws, nuts and washers.  Tighten snuggly and the sprinkler system is ready for operation.