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How It Works

Our innovative, patented design is based on Bernoulli’s Principle, creating a lower pressure area by the flow of water in the sprinkler pipe past a discharge nozzle. The fertilizer or liquid slowly and evenly flows into the sprinkler line from a piggy-back devise attached to the pipe.

Operation is simple. First, uncap the reservoir when the sprinklers are turned off, then fill the reservoir with whatever chemical desired to be disbursed through the sprinkler system and replace the cap.  The feeder takes over from there.

As soon as the sprinklers are turned on, water rushes past the two nozzles. The upper nozzle captures and directs water into the spherical reservoir where it mixes with the chemical.  Water rushing past the downstream nozzle creates a low pressure and sucks the water/chemical mixture out of the reservoir and injects it back into the water stream where it thereafter gets disbursed through the sprinklers onto the lawn and landscaping.

The chemical within the reservoir continues to dilute as it mixes with the water until it is completely disbursed and only clear water passes through the feeder when the sprinklers are turned on. The remaining water in the feeder siphons out when the sprinklers are turned off. The feeder can then be refilled with the same liquid or another chemical whenever a new chemical application is desired.